Tuesday, August 29, 2017

T stands for Transformation..

and nothing transforms like a butterfly...the metamorphosis is symbolic to so many cultures and religions. The butterfly offers an explanation of the life cycle, and in Christian faiths a symbol of resurrection. In Asian culture, butterflies symbolize long life and love. Native Americans see the butterfly as a symbol of color, change and joy. For them, wishes whispered to the butterfly rise to the heavens. To many people throughout the world, the butterfly symbolizes hope and change. Is it any wonder that I am always on the lookout for them?

On our day trip to Ogunquit, I saw some beautiful gardens, lots of color, the ocean, and butterflies...
spotted some butterflies...
These butterflies were fluttering around in the beautiful gardens outside the Ogunquit Museum of American art. The sculpture garden, flowers and view were amazing.

Art and Nature combined..

From here we walked the Marginal Way at Ogunquit, another of my favorite spots...

Spectacular view...
This may be my favorite scenic photo that I have ever taken...it makes me happy just to look at it! Then it was on to the beach. On the way home we stopped at Stonewall Kitchens to pick up some goodies...jams and maple butters. I absolutely love the flower gardens outside.

more butterflies...
The gardens are small but colorful. I especially loved the zinnias...

such fabulous color!
The weather was perfect, and the company couldn't be beat! Breakfast and Lunch at two of our favorite spots...I'll drink to that...
our beverage of choice...

and a little calligraphy practice of a poem in honor of butterflies, a bluebird feather I found, loved ones, and angels among us...

I was also inspired by the poetry in motion challenge over at Art Journal Journey, and thought this worked nicely. This allowed me to practice calligraphy, use some Italian paper, and work on my computer skills (a bit).
 May a butterfly take flight with wishes up to the heavens. Happy t day to Bluebeard and Elizabeth and friends.

Monday, August 28, 2017

mail on monday...where did it go?

A little mail...outgoing
Wonder woman stamps
How great are those stamps? I think they were release to coincide with the movie release. A quick design included the Wonder woman logo and the lasso of truth.
Eclipse stamp
For Troy, I made an envelope, in order to have a black backround to match the stamp, copied the layout idea from an envelope I received. I put washi tape around the border. the silver stars sparkle with glitter.
Flower and butterfly stamp
We have done a few day trips and have seen some lovely gardens, lots of color which attracts butterflies.
Color, butterflies, flowers and the postage stamp were the inspiration for this piece.  Wishing you some happy mail in your mail box!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Words on Wednesday...and T stands for

tut, tut...late again... a  little Lapsus Calami, a phrase I love which I found on www. merriam-webster.com.  You may already be familiar with their dictionaries or reference books, but they have an awesome online presence on twitter, various apps, word of the day and word games. If you love language, want to amp up your scrabble game, or just want to add a nifty word to your vocabulary, sign up for their emails.
But back to Tuesday...
Oh my, what a calamity, a lapse in time, and it's Wednesday, not Tuesday. How on earth did that happen, just another lapsus calami, I guess. But on the matter of time flying and the importance of words,  what words have more impact than the 2 simple words..I do..talk about life changing!!! If Tuesday turned to Wednesday in a blink, then marriage to our  anniversary was a flash. I mean yesterday I was 21.

This picture hangs on my kitchen wall, and I still love it... It doesn't matter where you go in life...what you do...or how much you have...It's who you have beside you. ...an Anniversary Blessing.
As I tell my kids, choose well...and today on our 31st we celebrated.
iced tea, and a locally crafted beer

crabmeat pie and sirloin tips
rice with butter, butter and more butter!

it's a long way from Killarney to here!
As the song goes, I've had the time of my life, and I'd do it all again...belated happy T day, yay for words that bind, cheers to us and cheers to you!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mail on a Monday..to the the moon..

The total solar eclipse...didn't see it, wasn't on the right path...partial solar, would have liked to see it, no glasses left. Tried the strategy of looking down on the ground to see the reflection through the trees, no luck there...took a 2 second glance, but seemed too bright...a dare devil I am not!

but I will be happy with my solar eclipse stamp mail...
solar eclipse mail

The kraft envelope is from Troy as part of the PTE exchange.  Hard to tell from my photo, but the teal dots are metalllic ink, super luminous.
The white and pink envelope is from my penpal Janet. She told me if you put your finger on the black dot and remove it, you will see the moon.  Yes! it's true.  A little bit of moon magic there. And for a little more magic, a snail mail letter, including a new recipe from a snail mail blogging friend.
love her card!
It's always lovely to see Karen's creativity, and even nicer to receive a card from her in the mail.
May the moon shine brightly on you!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Flowers on Friday, just because...

it's Awe-gust!
Yellow roses
This year, I found yellow knock out roses on my dad's birthday!  I always associate yellow roses with him and have never seen this variety before. After no roses at BJs for months, there they were...only three rose bushes and all yellow.  Some people think it's crazy, but I think it's a sign...or maybe energy?
413C8FU3lnL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg (224×346)
A gift from Nish
I am really enjoying this book about positive energy and the choices we make. Beyond what the book says, I wonder about energy and how it relates to the physical body, the mind and the soul. In the few days between August 8 (my parent's wedding anniversary)  and August 12 (my dad's birthday),  I think so much of them.  I feel they are always with me, maybe their energy is too. We all need to harness whatever positive forces we can. 

If I am looking for quiet contemplation, there is no place like my garden, and it makes me reminisce about all the happy times I spent gardening with my dad. That is probably what I love most about working outside.

some of the roses around my garden
My dad loved roses most of all, and  it was there that he taught me to really look at things...to stop, to take the time and really see what is in front of me. Beauty, Appreciation, Gratitude, Love.

As they say, take time to smell the roses. Wishing you an awesome awe-gust.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

T stands for Tranquility amid the turbulence...

Every click of the television remote or blast from the radio brings more aggressive news of hateful words and actions.  The stress of the situation is exacerbated by the sad fact that I have no impact over the current environment.  All of the lessons of history seem to be lost.   I can only hope that at some point peace, respect and common sense prevail.  Amid all of this discord and hostility, Nish and I went in search of some tranquility. There is no place it is easier  to find than in nature, so we headed to Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich.
Majestic trees

Beautiful Vista

And then we moved through the labyrinth.
Moving meditation

move within, let go
circle, center, continue
 end, let go, begin

The current exhibit is Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views.  Some of my favorites:

 So much inspiration taken from the beauty of nature. It was back outside to one of my favorite water features of the Gardens.
Flume fountain into the waterlily pond
This is a close second though...
lovely view of the house
some serenity in shades of white and green garden...

and of course lots of color...

a few closeups ...

and there was some whimsy,
garden gate
which reminds me of one of my favorite cups.

We left the gardens restored and happy, with the plan to share our bright light and love.  Hope yours shines brightly too!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

T stands for Tardy for the Party...

Routine, not always easy when you get thrown a curve ball, and once you are out of that routine, it can be tough to restart. So in an attempt to maintain, I am staying small. Blogging and posting to instagram at least once a week hopefully will help me stay a little creative. At some point, when things level off, I will try to expand my creative pursuits.  What I have found is blogging works really well, because I've established a personal connection with people, and that is something I really enjoy. I love all of the ideas I get from blogging, instagram and pinterest.

I love Bluebeard and Elizabeth's blog, for the content and the people I have been introduced to through it. I look forward to posting to T stands for.. and reading other people's entries and gaining a glimpse into their world.

My T stands for is my tardy entry of my breakfast this morning.
I just read an article about how instagram is determining the menu and design choices for restaurants.


My photo confirmed a little of what this article has to say. I don't know if there is any place as comfortable for me as my kitchen table. You really can't taste my homemade brown bread dolloped with delicious strawberry jam made my friend Eileen. Added a nice iced coffee to wash it down.

You will also see my Susan Branch binder with my favorite recipes. I have been struggling for years to make a brown bread similar to the Irish brown bread This is really difficult to replicate with the difference in flour over here. I've tried alot of different recipes, with varying success. This loaf proved to be the most successful, courtesy of a recipe from Frankie, the barmaid at the Banshee.  It's made it into the binder and gave me the chance to do some calligraphy.
This recipe made the cut!
There are also postage stamps Fi picked up for me as a surprise. That girl knows the way to her momma's heart!
Love them! so colorful!
I love snail mail, and Pushing the Envelope exchange and MMSA have given me an opportunity to indulge. I have also made some great penpals in the process. My mail slot has evolved from a source of bills and junk mail to a bastion of some happy correspondence. I am working diligently on bringing back the United States Postal Service to its former glory one letter at a time.  

So cheers to letters, stamps, blogging, and  Bluebeard and Elizabeth!
The last of the bottle..
Time to open a new one.