Tuesday, May 16, 2017

T is for Tasty

Since Onz and D were home for a cooking holiday, I was placed on temporary hiatus from cooking, which I extended to all household duties.

The cook books came out, lots of perusals ensued, and fabulous meals and desserts were created.
some of our favorites
Pasta Bake with Mill River Wine

Followed up with dessert,  A hazelnut torte from Flour cookbook.
Every chef deserves a little lovin'
Practice for the big day!
And one of my favorite mugs....

from M& S, one of my favorite stores
so happy my baby still loves home...
No place like home
and surprise visitiors coming in through the back door are the best.
Flowers to welcome my family home.
Wishing you happy meals shared with family and friends.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Mail

What an awesome Mother's Fortnight Surprise!....All the way from London, totally unexpected....
Look what came for Mother's Day!
My worker bees...who surprised us with a visit...and lots of cooking! Absolutely the best surprise I ever received! And to top it all off cards and flowers...

I am her favorite cat lover 

Two cards better than one...from Fi

Balloon and Roses from O
It's nice when your mother's day card has your name on it!
And of course, more flowers, yay!
Flowers from Onz and D

It was such a fun few weeks. I hated to send them on their way yesterday. I did send some home made chocolate chip cookies, Onz's request, right in time for Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Hopefully, they will enjoy them for a while.
But always on Mother's Day, I will never forget my own incredible mom, who I miss every day, but she is always in my heart. Sending Mother's Day wishes up to heaven with all the love the world can hold.
Beebs...you're such great company!

Wishing you love, the gift of kindness, and a chocolate chip cookie!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Second on the 2nd June what's in your mailbox?

Here's a post I meant to put up before I went on my vacation. Technically it's not a 2nd post, more like a second attempt at a post. I am hoping that's close enough for Bluebeard and Elizabeth's Second on the 2nd. It must be Spring...so I used flowers as a theme for the envelope exchange. Here's three for the Pushing the Envelope Exchange.
It's my usual style, although I did try to coordinate the postage with the design, as well as the card inserted.

I wanted to do a few different varieties too, just to mix it up.
The envelope to Jean started in black and white, though it seemed a little blah, so I added some colored pencil but kept it muted. Faux lace, but next time I will use a ruler. For Faye, I used one of my rubber stamps.

A pet stamp would have coordinated nicely, maybe next time.

Plenty of outside inspiration too!

Around my garden...
Wishing you a sun filled, fun filled, mail box filled kind of day!

Monday, May 1, 2017

What's in the your mailbox?

Outgoing mail for the Mail Me Some Art exchange
Here Comes the Sun
The theme made me think of the Beatles' song, so I added.."and I say it's all right.", and I shortened Beatles to Bee... I saw some funky decorations in a Hallmark store, so that's what I used as my inspiration.  I added some glitter, but you can't really see it in the photo.
I mailed the finished postcards off to Wanda, so she cans send them out to the other mail artists. I coordinated her envelope with the postcards, and tried to find a stamp that worked with the theme.
After I finished I had a few different ideas. Next time, I will start the challenge a little earlier.
It's in the mail!
And if you are interested in a cute, quick read on the power of letters, this is a good one..

CLLJNjtWEAAMy4F.png (600×600)
Testament to the power of a pen pal friendship