Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Usually my family refers to me as Annie Upper or Pollyanna. They love to tell me that I think it's all sunshine and roses. I must admit I am a glass full type of person. Yesterday was one of those days, where someone took my glass of water, spit in it, and then smashed it to the floor. Now, I am also a person who wears my ❤️ on my sleeve, and a poker face is something I will never master. Well, alarm bells went out that Mom seems sad.
Daisies are such a happy flower.

It wasn't too long before my son showed up with a bouquet of  flowers as a pick me up.  Last night, Fi and Nish took me to Beauty and the Beast, totally a mood lifter. That inspired my instagram post today.
Beauty and the Beast.
Art makes me happy!
Today, Onz called from London, saying we needed to do an exercise video together on what's app.
I followed that up with one of my favorite treats, a Russell Stover whipped strawberry egg.

A walk with a good friend, who had an extra recycle barrel, yay! who wants to spend money on rubbish? And I have to remember good riddance to bad rubbish. Or in a more zen like approach, what will be will be. As my mom always said, whatever happens, happens. Thanks to my peeps, I am all good again, and the world is back to being sunshine and roses!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

T stands for Tea, Tuesdays and Ain't that the tooth? I won the silver

T stands for matter what you might hear about the Irish, the real beverage of choice is Tea! Growing up in an Irish household left absolutely no question about the limitless powers of a cup of tea. If you were in Ireland, the choice was Barry's or Punjama, here in America, Lipton tea was the only option. The first question upon entering the house was, will you have a cup of tea? Mind you, the kettle was on before you had a chance to answer.
Tea Caddy I painted for mom and dad.
And with the tea came conversation and laughs, and a mental challenge, checkers or some other board game, or maybe cards (25 or gin rummy), suduko, or a crossword puzzle.  I learned early that there was a competitive streak running through my family.  We took no prisoners, and my parents were the most ruthless of all.
Simple pleasures shared, and my mom's favorite mug.
A sharp pencil was always close at hand.

We were in it to win it.  Today I will tell you I hold a silver medal, but not because I had a dentist appointment. My bravery in the chair was followed by lunch with one of my dearest friends. We worked together many years ago in Filene's in downtown Boston. I always say that she was the best thing that came out of Filene's. And believe me, while I was there an awful lot came out of Filene's.  Susan trumped me though; she met her wonderful husband there, so she gets the gold. As for us, we share the silver, based on our life long friendship. Now that's something to celebrate over a cuppa.

Monday, March 27, 2017

What's in your mailbox?

Ever since I was little, I loved mail, and this is something I have passed on to the next generation. There is always a mad rush to the door when we hear the mail slot click open. There is something exciting about the possibilities of what will be waiting when you pick up that pile of mail. Sometimes the best it has to offer is a catalog to peruse, but other times, Joy! an actual handwritten note. This was a really fun one I received from Janet as part of the Pushing the Envelope exchange.  I placed a Dove chocolate on the envelope, something else I love, that is also meant to be savored and enjoyed. Like the Dove wrapper, you open it, and there is a message. In addition to getting mail, I found out a little of the history of triangle letters. In WWII, Russian soldiers sent triangle letters and they were delivered anywhere in Russia for free. Pretty cool. Janet has also visited the Clark Museum in western Massachusetts.  I have added that to my bucket list!
Janet's Triangle Envelope

This was a fun use of one sheet of paper to create a letter and an envelope. It reminded me of making chains out of gum wrappers when I was a kid, and mom and me origami classes I did with my daughters at the community recreation center. I used Janet's envelope for my template and sent my version to her using washi tape to seal the envelope.

Sending out mail is almost as much fun as receiving it. It gives me the chance to try something creative, practice my lettering and hopefully brighten someone's day. There's something special about connecting this way, and if I make a pen pal friend in the process, that is an added bonus.
Sent out, coming to a mailbox near you.

One of these cards needed to be hand cancelled, requiring a trip to my local post office.  Lucky me, no lines and a chance to add to my collection.
Stamps, stamps and more stamps...I couldn't resist

Friday, March 24, 2017

Match the sketch

Happy Birthday Card
It's been a while since I have made a card. has a weekly challenge, and Pushing the envelope exchange included birthdates in the March swap. Viola, the perfect opportunity to combine the two.

in the mail. Now to eat some cake! Always a good idea.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday

This week I had a fantastic visit with my long time friend CJ.  We normally art skype, but we've done a few field trips too! This time, our visit was at her house. Since she is in central Massachusetts and I am north of Boston, visits like this are at a premium. This get together was packed with all sorts of fun stuff and conversation. We started with a deep dish pizza at Uno's...what's not to love?

Then it was back to her house to play with essential oils. CJ brought an assortment of oils, and let me pick my favorites. After much deliberation, I settled on a mix of bergamot and eucalyptus for a hand sanitizer spray. We made the sanitizer spray with oils, distilled water and Vodka.
My pressies
My hand sanitizer was coming home with me, along with a handcrocheted bag filled with goodies and a cleaning solution made with essential oils.

After this, came the hard work! Of course, having a lovely table set with fine china, cloth placemats, vanilla chai tea, and italian cookies certainly made it easier. But then again, tea parties are the best!
CJ sets a beautiful table.
We finished the day going over some of her notes from a 6 month class she is taking. Lots of inspiration and things to try.
Romans, lend me your pens. My attempt.
It was such an awesome day, with an awesome friend....and no traffic! Can it get any better than this?

Saturday, March 18, 2017