Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Usually my family refers to me as Annie Upper or Pollyanna. They love to tell me that I think it's all sunshine and roses. I must admit I am a glass full type of person. Yesterday was one of those days, where someone took my glass of water, spit in it, and then smashed it to the floor. Now, I am also a person who wears my ❤️ on my sleeve, and a poker face is something I will never master. Well, alarm bells went out that Mom seems sad.
Daisies are such a happy flower.

It wasn't too long before my son showed up with a bouquet of  flowers as a pick me up.  Last night, Fi and Nish took me to Beauty and the Beast, totally a mood lifter. That inspired my instagram post today.
Beauty and the Beast.
Art makes me happy!
Today, Onz called from London, saying we needed to do an exercise video together on what's app.
I followed that up with one of my favorite treats, a Russell Stover whipped strawberry egg.

A walk with a good friend, who had an extra recycle barrel, yay! who wants to spend money on rubbish? And I have to remember good riddance to bad rubbish. Or in a more zen like approach, what will be will be. As my mom always said, whatever happens, happens. Thanks to my peeps, I am all good again, and the world is back to being sunshine and roses!


  1. Your son is so thoughtful. What a sweet gesture. Glad you had a wonderful girlie outing.And I love your exercise routine with a chaser of chocolate. :-D

    1. Laughing too hard about exercise and chocolate and I pushed enter too soon. Love the journal page. Awesome brush lettering.

  2. Thanks CJ. Chaser of Chocolate is going to be my new go to it! Keep smiling, have a happy weekend.

  3. I have a tendency to NOT have a poker face. I hate to open gifts in front of people, because if I'm disappointed, it shows on my face.

    Your son was a wonderful person for making your glass full again. And that beautiful calligraphy makes me wish I could read my own writing.

    Had to laugh at the chocolate you ate after contemplating an exercise video. Now THAT sounds appropriate!

  4. Thank you. Yes, he is pretty sweet.. I think learned alot from two older sisters. Glad you like my calligraphy. If you like snail mail, send me your address. If your mailbox is already too full, I will just send a good wish and a greeting across the blogosphere.😉