Sunday, October 18, 2020

Just hold on

A few late roses remain in the garden and while a couple of rainy, windy days have blown some petals off, they are still quite full and beautiful. I have one mum that comes back every year, but the profusion of blossoms means I haven’t planted any additional fall flowers. I will continue to enjoy these for as long as possible. I have tulip bulbs to plant, but I can hold off for a while longer.

Even the bee seems happy!

Some procreate practice.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

T stands for taste

T stands for a taste of fall...
Watercolor fall flowers
Ombré orange

Procreate practice

 T stands for a wine tasting at one of our favorite small businesses, Mill River Winery.

Love our table.
Wine barrel filled with Mill River corks.

We teamed our sample with a charcuterie plate.

Just a bite, 
But delicious 

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thankful Thursday

 Mild temperatures make it easy to extend summer a little longer. Warm temperatures coupled with shorter evenings gave an added gift of seeing a beautiful sunset on a quiet beach.

Crane beach at Sunset....

The gates closed at 6:20 giving us time to visit our favorite ice cream shop. After a 6 mile walk on the beach, we thought a treat was in order.
Minty fresh!

Beach weather continues today, although a little breezy, we are not to be deterred. First, celebrations are in order.

Birthday breakfast 

Yay! It’s Fiona’s birthday and that’s a great reason to celebrate and be thankful. So grateful for my beautiful daughter, beach buddy extraordinaire, fabulous and fun, loyal and kind, master mask maker, book lover, baker, artist, fleur -a-holic, chauffeur and all good things! Our family is so lucky!!

Sunny beach birthday...
Just the start of birthday celebrations!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

T stands for...

 Thankful for so many things....

I will put happy mail right at the top of the list this week.

Some cards from friends were a welcome surprise . I love getting mail and the inspiration that comes with it.  I have one card ready to send. Rosalie suggested we try to do some sort of zen tangling once a week, so there is some of that on the leaves on the envelope. I carried on with the animal theme with my choice of an Andrew Wyeth postage stamp. I kept the card simple with a favorite spellbinders stamp set, Stay Wild and coordinating die cut leaves.

Stay as wild as you can...
But don’t forget your mask.
Stay safe, stay well.

It’s hard to be too wild in these times, but I fall back on my word of the year, choose. It is serving me well so far, I am choosing to wear a mask, only walk in areas where it is easy to socially distance, and eating at restaurants with outside seating at non peak hours. There are certainly things I miss, but I am choosing to reminisce about the good times, focus on doing the right things now, and get outside as long as I can.

Plenty of room to enjoy time with Nish here.
Cheers to you.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Just a quick hello!

My small, achievable, measurable goals for fall are:
1. Practice lettering
2. Organize and use my art supplies
3. Make and send cards, which should help with goals 1 and 2
4. Enter some challenges, helping with goals 1, 2 and 3

Here’s a monochromatic card using  bo bunny flower garden stamp, tombow markers and brush lettering.

Sunflowers, watercolor and pigma markers

On the way to the beach, we pass a field of sunflowers, so around the next corner and through the car window, my inspiration and another happy place.

Sunflower fields, Ipswich

Flowering envelopes...
In the mail

Friday, September 25, 2020

Thankful wanderings

 So thankful to enjoy beautiful weather and a lovely neighborhood to walk in. With everyone working from home, it means company on walks throughout the day. Luckily, being in a suburb seven miles outside the city, walking here is an easy way to get outside and move, while maintaining social distancing.

We vary the route, but there are certain streets that I love because of the gardens. Since we are close to the city, the spaces aren’t huge but they are beautiful!

I love zinnias, such a great pop of color  They last a long time and don’t mind the hot weather. Find a sunny spot and they will thrive. Best of all, all this glory of the Fibonacci sequence grows easily from seed.  I was inspired to paint a watercolor card after this day out.
Quick watercolor card

More inspiration outside my front door.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

T stands for...

Tonno, a really nice Italian restaurant nearby. Since Covid hit, I haven’t been out to eat very much and we have  only done outside dining. I am good with that, and although restaurants have begun to open for indoor dining, I am sticking to outside dining only.

Shrimp pizza

Tasting a fall Sangria... yummy!
It’s always good to be together...

And make art...
Procreate practice.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Start the week with a challenge...

Since getting back to blogging, I thought it would be fun to join some challenges. It’s a great way to try some different techniques and get some inspiration along the way. I wanted to keep it simple, and therefore easily attainable and sustainable. We’ll see how it goes, but  I have taken a first step and joined color hues challenge of using just two colors, Navy and Turquoise. I used the Altenew dodec star die with the bold hello stacked ...maybe a christmassy star-trek hello??


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Thankful Tuesday

 Cheers to cooler weather with beach passes easy to come by!

Starting out with a Cuban coffee from Honeycomb, and all fueled up for another great beach day!

Just us gulls

Sandy shores
Blue skies overhead 

And a little card making to finish out a wonderful day.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Grateful heart

So grateful for beach days with the fun and fabulous Fiona 

Jumping for joy

And adding some beach yoga

Side plank

Feeling strong

Warrior pose

Like a ninja

Monday, August 31, 2020

Escape, no mask required...just an apple pencil

No paper or paints required.  Trying out my new apple pencil.  Looking forward to learning how to use it.  So on those days when you feel on mask overload, stay home, Make art.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Mail on Monday...

I was determined to get my envelopes for the PTEexchange out on time this month. Mail is always great, and PTE gives the opportunity to be a little creative. 
May your road be smooth and carefree...
 And if the weather isn't warm where you are...
Do April SNOW showers bring May flowers?

 Maybe it's time to bring some flowers indoors,
willow ware and pink roses
as a reminder that Spring really is around the corner. I am attempting to do the 100 day creative challenge.  Last year I made it about half way through...this year, I hope to complete the 100 days. Between the Flower Shop, my trusty camera phone, snail mail, art projects and blogging, I might be in with a chance. How about you?