Monday, May 8, 2017

Second on the 2nd June what's in your mailbox?

Here's a post I meant to put up before I went on my vacation. Technically it's not a 2nd post, more like a second attempt at a post. I am hoping that's close enough for Bluebeard and Elizabeth's Second on the 2nd. It must be I used flowers as a theme for the envelope exchange. Here's three for the Pushing the Envelope Exchange.
It's my usual style, although I did try to coordinate the postage with the design, as well as the card inserted.

I wanted to do a few different varieties too, just to mix it up.
The envelope to Jean started in black and white, though it seemed a little blah, so I added some colored pencil but kept it muted. Faux lace, but next time I will use a ruler. For Faye, I used one of my rubber stamps.

A pet stamp would have coordinated nicely, maybe next time.

Plenty of outside inspiration too!

Around my garden...
Wishing you a sun filled, fun filled, mail box filled kind of day!


  1. So glad you stopped by with a post. Although it is technically not a repost, it is still awesome. You create beautiful calligraphy, and I am impressed with this skill I will NEVER have (I grip my pen/pencil too tight and my hand cramps before I even get the person's name finished). Yours is so awesome.

    The flowers are looking as lovely in your garden as they do along the side panels of your blog! Thanks for sharing this post with us as a Second on the 2nd.

  2. loved your art and your photos hugs Kathy

  3. Lovely envelopes, how excited people must be to find them in their mail. Beautiful flowers, too. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Lovely photos and envelopes,Nan. Like you, I try to coordinate stamps and return labels with what's inside. It's very easy to get carried away with mail art because you know the recipient is like-minded and will appreciate the extra effort.

  5. Beautiful envelope artwork, the little bird singing hearts is adorable and the lace work is very pretty! Your flowers are amazing, especially the last one - is it a magnolia? The colours, shading and abundance of the blooms are stunning 😀. Hope you had a great weekend too and wishing you a happy start to the week! J 😊
    p.s. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and questions. The postage stamps are from my hubby's childhood collection, he kindly gave me them to use for my art journalling 😀. Also the tandem pedals are connected so you keep the same rhythm, it takes some getting use to and is so much fun! J x