Friday, June 23, 2017

Flowers on Friday and a Transformation follow up

Thank goodness for Friday flowers, you can be assured that changes are always happening in the garden.

knockout pink!
Looking around and seeing that pop of color always lifts my spirit.
knock out red!
Since starting to blog, I have seen some fantastic photos, and I am inspired. The shape and color are stunning, so I have taken the time to get up close and personal. If only I could do their beauty justice. Onz has suggested I take it to a different level, and practice sketching or painting. I've put that in my planner for next week's to do list.

Roses for inspiration.
Another part of my transformation Thursday is to do something creative everyday. Also not just to read and admire blogs, but to incorporate some of what I see into my journey. Karen creates some simple, elegant, beautiful cards, so I wanted to incorporate some of that into my card/envelope exchange this month.
A group of zebras is called a dazzle, but even in a group of zebras
you are spectacular!
I have tried to go with a simple design that could work up quickly and make it a little fun, so I have drawn (what I consider) a cute zebra, and practiced a bit of my calligraphy skills.

On the healthy eating side, I am trying to incorporate as many vegetables as I can in my pasta salads.
Asian Chicken and pasta salad with 7 vegetables
My transition /contentment challenge is still going strong. May next week bring us all transition with lots to look forward to.

Things are bloomin' happenin'
Happy weekend!


  1. I had to laugh, because as I was reading along, I saw "knockout pink" and read "knocked up pink." Sometimes my brain has these blond moments!

    LOVE the roses, and the next to last one is my fave. I like tight buds best. Your garden is truly fabulous.

    Glad you have found a great transformation Thursday activity. Making art every day is appealing, but sometimes it can be a bit daunting. You are certainly eating healthy, though. It's far too hot to cook here.

    Have a great weekend, Nan and keep those transformations going. Love the calligraphy and darling dazzling zebra.

  2. Haha Elizabeth, you have given me my laugh for the day!
    I love my garden too! It's like going on vacation right outside my back door.

    You are right, it can be daunting. I am tempted to try some mixed media, although it is definitely outside my wheelhouse.

    I try to eat healthy, but ice cream often calls my name.

    Once again thank you for visiting and your kind comments. I do appreciate it!đŸ˜˜

  3. Your roses are gorgeous, and I'm very impressed with your drawing of the zebra. If I had to draw the images for my cards there'd be far fewer of them!

    1. Thanks Karen, Rainy day here, maybe more card making on tap. Thanks for the compliments and inspiration. Much appreciated.

  4. Your roses are just gorgeous. You have such a way with your garden. You do your daddy proud.

    Your zebra card rivals a Hallmark. Good for you. Did you letter with a brush or nib? Lovely letters.

    1. Thank you CJ. I do think of him everytime I am in the garden. Thanks for the compliments. Hallmark always makes me think of my mom. We spent many happy hours there. Lettered it with a nib. Sorry missed our skype date. I'll email you to reschedule.

  5. The garden is looking beautiful. My roses started to bloom this week too. I just love them! Thanks for sharing your roses too. Hugs erika

  6. Thank you Erica. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your roses. Raining here, they are getting plenty of water today. Hoping it is dry where you are. Happy weekend!

  7. I'm with Karen - great rendition of the zebra! And yes, a lovely garden. Do enjoy and thanks for sharing.