Friday, June 9, 2017

Flowers on Friday and a Followup

It's Friday, and the start of what looks to be a warm weekend.  There's a good chance that we will be heading to Cranes Beach, armed with sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat...that Irish skin really needs protecting.  As part of my garden transformation, I need to get some beauties in the ground today. Last weekend, we hit our local garden center....oh, the color! A feast for the eyes.

 What a selection of Hydrangeas...the blooms were just enormous.  I had seen similar sized ones last year when we visited the Columbia Road flower market in London with Onz and David, but had never seen them in the US.  Amazing, they are the size of dinner plates. All I can say is wow! and double wow! And then I am a sucker for roses...take a look at these beauties.

I lost  a rose bush last year, and am trying to decide which one to replace it with. A few more trips may be required before I make up my mind. In the meantime, I have some snapdragons and vincas to plant. Since I am working on a budget, as part of my contentment challenge, I need to be days of acting like a drunken sailor/fleur-aholic are over (for the time being, anyway).  In addition to my contentment challenge, I am incorporating a few more areas on Transformation Thursday.   Just one image to share now, but I am making progress.
Cross stitch for Fi
A little bit every day, and it will be done. Or as Susan Branch's bookmark says...

Now for me, it's off to the races...oops, I mean garden.  A happy, sun filled, fun filled weekend to all! And don't forget to look up at the sky tonight, it's a strawberry mini moon shining with Saturn.


  1. Oh my, those hydrangeas are amazing, such huge and beautifully coloured blooms! You've got your work cut out choosing from those roses too, they are all lovely πŸ˜€. I'm always in awe of people who do cross stitch you must be so patient and I'm thinking you have some bears on this one 😁. Have a wonderful weekend! J 😊

  2. Wonderful roses. Have a great weekend, Valerie

  3. Cranes beach is a beautiful beach. We boated down there last summer. And I am a sucker for roses too, and many plants. It is dangerous for me to go into the garden center greenhouses. Hope you pick out some beautiful flowers. Hugs-Erika

  4. Your roses are out of this world. Sorry you lost one last year, because if I lost ONLY rose bush, I would be very, very sad.

    Glad to see your hydrangeas, too. They are awesome. You have a wonderful garden, I can only imagine how lovely it must be.

  5. Blue hydrangeas are my favorite. I love roses, but they take so much work to keep the Japanese beetles away. Harsh winters don't help, either. Neither does a Black Thumb. You have such a gift with your garden and the beautiful way you arrange your plants.

  6. Stunning flowers! I love hydrangeas and was thrilled to find multiple buds on my largest one last week. It hadn't bloomed in several years.