Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Beauty and the Books

I saw Beauty and the Beast at the Cinema last week. I am not normally a movie goer, preferring to wait until it makes it to the TV, so the pull has to be pretty strong.  Granted, I watched the original and listened to the score more times than I can count. We loved it so much that my three kids and I dressed up in maids' costumes and staged our own performance of Be Our Guest(for an audience of one). Always a flair for the dramatic here! So you can guess it didn't take much to say YES to the invitation. This proved to be a great decision. It's hard to decide which was better the movie or the company..Both excellent!

Belle is my absolute favorite Disney character...what's not to love about a girl who loves books? Won't list any spoilers here, but they have literally fleshed out her character, and added to her appeal. Her love of books, libraries, the desire to share her love of reading all came through loud and clear. May this inspire a whole new generation of book lovers and library patrons..
Sculpture outside my library

I have raised my own next generation, with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing  the love of reading. I have heard them laughing while reading, I've seen them crying while reading. I have heard them say, just one more chapter, when listening to an audio book in the car, although we had already arrived at our destination. I have no doubt that books can move you. We have met some amazing and generous authors together. They have shared their opinions and recommendations, educating and impressing me in the process.

I have my own Belle, Onz. She is a Beauty that reads passionately and thoughtfully. She reads for enjoyment and knowledge.  Her recommendations and conversations have made me think and consider well beyond the words on the page.  Words matter, on the page and in life. Words inform, choose wisely.  Books can change opinions, values, and action.  I know, I learned it from my daughter.

I hope you enjoy a book today!


  1. Sadly, my girlies aren't readers. They used to read when little, and I think they enjoyed the books. Then school started with monthly mandatory book reports. Most of the times the girls weren't allowed to pick the kind of books they liked to read. Consequently, reading became a dreaded chore. On a bright note, The Young One told me she writes stories.

    I don't read as much as I used to. Maybe I'll have to work on scheduling some reading time.

  2. Belle's my favorite too. I saw the movie last weekend and I loved it.