Monday, April 17, 2017

What's in your mailbox?

Tell me why I don't like Mondays....I love them, especially if there is a mail delivery! At 74 degrees, it was a beach day and a mail day! What's not to love!
Life's just a beach and
I've got mail!
I received the following hand constructed envelope from Janet.
From Janet
That is my blue bird of happiness sitting on top of it, and it's arrival certainly made me happy. I am going to try to figure out how she did it, and return a similar version to her. It's really bright and fun. It's a collage of all different images which she has affixed with some sort of super glue. Inside is a sticker, A good rule of thumb...Start slow and taper off... so funny, I've already started slow, so the tapering off may be just around the corner. It looks like a Susan Branch design; I love her whimsical style,, so I am pretty certain I recognize it.  The next envelope was from Cathy.
Pretty in Pink
I love the lettering. The white on the pink really pops, and the Oscar delaRenta stamp is a perfect match to the envelope. She took an on line class Flowers, Foliates and Flourished Envelopes. Just looking at the envelope makes me think that she learned a lot. The next one was from Jannie
Zentangle Flowers
Jannie used the fun purple orange combination with a variety of type sizes and styles.  The colors really pulled out the purple and orange in the stamp.
And also the postcards from Mail Me Some Art.

The theme was was fun to receive such a variety. Spring was definitely in the mail. Now I am off to get my envelopes done? Are you on my list?


  1. Goodness. You got a LOT of mail today. No wonder you like Mondays. I especially liked the one from Cathy. What an elegant envelope and leaves. happy Monday, indeed!

  2. You had a fantastic mail day!! I am jealous. And I love the sounds of 74 degrees and a day at the beach. :) Glad your week started off so well. Hugs-Erika

  3. What a mail haul! It's not my color, but the pink evelope with the Oscar de la Renta stamps is so beautiful. Wouldn't that make an elegant wedding invitation envelope design?