Friday, April 14, 2017

Eggs-cellent Easter

Easter Baskets filled with chocolate or at the Grand Floridian at Disney World, it is Easter egg hunts and decorated Easter Eggs. While Fi and I were waiting for our afternoon tea, we enjoyed the Easter eggs completely made out of chocolate.


Cinderella's sugar spun shoe
The lobby smelled divine. The scent of chocolate permeated the air. All of the eggs were handmade and completely edible. While Fi and I were enjoying this, Onz and David were hard at work in Ireland, making sugar cookies.
Easter Sugar Cookies

So festive
I love the bunnies and the soft colors on the eggs, so pretty! She has promised me a lesson! I can't wait. Maybe she will serve me up some of her scrumptious cinnamon breakfast rolls.
Yum! Lovely with a latte!


  1. Those eggs are gorgeous. I really love Cinderella's shoe and castle. And wow to Onz! Those cookies are spectacular. She should open up a bakery. After you have your lesson, you'll have to give a lesson to me.

  2. I was in awe of those eggs. Such beauty, too. The second one looked like a Manet.

    I was so overwhelmed by the Magic Castle, I completely missed the shoe until you mentioned it.

    Your friend knows how to bake, doesn't she? The bunnies and eggs are incredible, and those cinnamon buns look absolutely out of this world.

    Happy Easter, dear.

  3. You asked what I used to make my books. Actually, I don't make books, I just alter existing ones. I only made the paper back book because the materials were given to me.

    The "blue needle" is a dental flosser. You buy them in the the toothpaste aisle of your grocery or pharmacy. I think there are 20 or 30 in a package.

    The problem with getting the fibers through the hole was because there wasn't enough room between the added embellishments for me to tie them off. Hard to describe, but it had nothing to do with the hole itself. Hope that clarified things (or totally confused you even further).

  4. The eggs are fabulous, but I'm equally impressed with those beautifully decorated Easter cookies! I'd like a lesson, too.