Tuesday, November 14, 2017

T stands for Time

My mom always said the man who made time made plenty of it. However at the moment, I seem to be in a time warp/stealing vortex, and time is disappearing faster than I can fathom. In the desire to take a short break, here's a post for T on Tuesday with Elizabeth and Bleubeard.
such a cute fairy garden..
I think the pebbles are supposed to be potatoes, but then I have an eye for them..
50 lbs of spuds at a time...
they won't last long!
We love potatoes here, and I refer to them as Irish ice cream...and as the saying goes...
A constant reminder on the fridge
thanks to Onz
Not so sure if I would pair it with Gunpowder tea
not really a gin drinker, but...
When visiting my friends yesterday, Mary pulled out this cool bottle distilled in Drumshanbo, her hometown in Ireland. It was news to all of us. Just a drop, maybe?

Happy t day!


  1. The fairy garden is very cute. I do like potatoes. Not as much as I like macaroni, but I do enjoy a baked potato. I love that gin bottle. You need to make some lemonade with a bit of gin. Happy T Day!

  2. adorable fairy gardens! an eye for potatoes :):) That sure is a LOT of potatoes though...and oh I bet that gin does set off like gunpowder! I have had a taste of Irish moonshine and oh my, thankfully it didn't put a hole in my throat.That is some serious stuff.
    Congrats on winning my giveaway and happy T day!

  3. Love the quaint fairy garden. I have a friend who has quite an elaborate one each year in her front yard. She gave me a fairy for my birthday last year, and I got a small garden started. Next year it should be better.

  4. I love your fairy gardens too. My family is Swedish and a good Swedish meal is also not complete without some peeled and boiled potatoes. After eating them all the time growing up, I have no desire to eat them. I'll stick with mashed or baked or even something cheesy or roasted. Got to love a good potato. happy T day Nan. Hugs-Erika

  5. I happen to be in that same time warp vortex as you. Those fairy gardens are simply wonderful. I've always wanted to create something like those. They are fabulous.

    Not being a fan of alcohol, I WILL take the spuds in any form you want to serve them. They are my weakness. Thanks for sharing the fairy gardens, the Gunpowder Irish Gin, and the idea I might get some potatoes with my coffee this T Tuesday.

  6. Love the fairy gardens, and yes, spuds are wonderful, definitely one of my fave foods! Love the bottle of gunpowder, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. Those fairy gardens are so adorable and I love the pretty orange teacups and saucers too! As they say time flies when you are having fun so it looks like you must be having lots of fun of late ...lol 😉. Enjoy all those potatoes and I'd happily join you for a little gin - Happy T Day! J 😊

  8. Those bright orange cups make fun mini-gardens. Potatoes are always welcome! Happy T Day

  9. Living in tropical central Mexico, we really miss good cold climate spuds. The ones grown in our area are extremely starchy and turn to glue if you try to mash them. Even baked, they're kind of gritty.

    So, one trip back from the States, we picked up a 25 kilo (about 55 lb.) bag of "dirty potatoes" (that's what the Mexicans call them).

    Mind you, there are just two of us in this household. We ate potatoes every way we could figure before they could go bad. We only threw out a couple, but neither one of us will be able to look a real spud in the eye for a long time - lol.

    Gunpowder Gin - cool bottle label indeed. Any idea why they named it that? Perhaps the recoil if you over-imbibe.

    Enjoyed your post today, Nan.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  10. Happy T-Day, the 2nd of the week! Love the miniature teacup gardens and all the other tidbits of info...especially the spuds. Enjoy Today!