T stands for Tombs...

in that Halloween frame of mind, some of my envelopes for PTE are ready for the mail
If it doesn't get delivered, does it go to the mail graveyard?
I thought the eclipse envelopes  went well with the graveyard/black and white theme. After I made these, I thought it seemed a bit morbid to have the names on the headstone, so I added the initials for an Irish blessing at the top...LLTY...Long life to you.

I resurrected and repurposed my mixed media piece for a halloween card..
card ready to send...
I added a die cut pumpkin and a glittery googly eyed bat, because who doesn't love a glittery, googly eyed bat??? And while I was busy envelope and card creating, the neighbors were hard at work. 
dancing when the job is done!
As for me, I think I will settle in and have a drink...
Pellegrino, for when I am going up market!
Cheers and long life to you over at T stands for... and bluebeard and Elizabeth's gang!


  1. Good morning, I loved the cards you created-perfect for the season-very creative-and I love that water too! I am glad we live in the woods and not in town as no one here has to rake leaves ha ha Happy T Day Kathy

  2. what super looking envelopes! Love your cute card - I have those same bat stickers:) That dancing skeleton made me smile too. Cheers and long life to you as well, and happy T day!

  3. Love the Halloween artwork. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Great Halloween card and envelopes, Nan. Not me. I love glittery googly eyed bats and other glittery googly eyed creatures as well. LLTY as well.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  5. You really are getting those Halloween envelopes down pat. Good tools, great lettering, and patience may be the key to those envelopes. And your mixed media artwork is fab, too. Yep, your glittery googly eyed bat (say that three times fast) is adorable and the perfect addition.

    Your neighbors come up with the most creative ways to decorate with those skeletons. I want to know what keeps them up. Last week, I thought they might have been attached with wires, but I don't see any this week. They are certainly very impressive in how they are featured, especially this year.

    Pellegrino is very classy water, Nan. I think it's great with your Halloween vignette. Thanks for sharing your art (and envelopes) and Pellegrino with us for T this Tuesday.

  6. The envelopes are great, and you're definitely inspiring me to get crafting for Halloween before I leave on Friday!

  7. Great Halloween envelopes and a fantastic mixed media piece as well. That dancing skeleton looked fun.
    Happy T day wishes.

  8. I'm loving the card you created from your artwork! What a lovely way to share your art with others, it looks fantastic 😁. I also think everyone loves a glittery, googly eyed bat ...lol πŸ˜‰. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  9. I enjoyed these Halloween pieces as much as your last post's art. It's fun to be spooky I think for a few weeks or so each year. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  10. The eclipse stamps are perfect on your Halloween envies. The card is cute. I love the owl as well as the googly eyed bat. Fun decoration in the neighhbor's yard. Happy T Day!

  11. I love your colourful Halloween card - so much interest on it . How fun would it be to receive one of those envelopes!?


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