Flipping pages… the January list

 My January reads were all excellent and varied.

A favorite author

An Author I admire
Informative and empathetic 

Poetic nonfiction full of surprises
Barnes and Noble 2020 book of the year

A lovely book of poems that I read daily

A very different book that made me think 

Because I am still trying to pick my favorites of 2021, I am starting to categorize monthly. I may even ask Fiona to help me set up a spreadsheet. 

January Favorite.   How to Love the World   This a beautiful compilation. I keep it in the kitchen and start my day by reading a poem a day. A treasure!

And a little time for artistic quotes in watercolor and pen and ink.

From a calligraphy zoom get together
With a big thanks to CJ as Administrator 


  1. I haven't finalized a favorites list from last year either. Both These Precious Days and Bewilderment were favorites of mine last month.

  2. How are the Ann Patchett essays? I like many of her books. Nice collection Nan. Starting the day with a poem sounds like a good idea. Happy weekend!

  3. I haven't heard of any of these. I feel I am missing out because I simply don't read enough books, but white papers and scientific journals instead. It was good to see these titles, so if I decide to read something, I will know where to come to look for good books.

  4. All I can say is WOW! The pieces you did during the Zoom are amazing.

  5. So many fabulous books and wow, your artwork is breathtaking! I love how you combined your love of watercolour with the calligraphy - stunning 😀. Thanks so much for the beautiful Valentine's card too and the stunning calligraphy artwork inside, they arrived yesterday and was such a lovely surprise; thanks so thinking of me, you're a star too! Hugs Jo x

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